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Scarf Styles for the Fall Season!!

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Use accessories to bump up your basic black!

By Chanda Temple Guster - The Birmingham News

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You've been invited to another holiday function and you claim you don't have a thing to wear.

If you have basic black in your closet, problem solved. All you have to do is use accessories to give your outfit a new look.

"Accessories are like tinsel. They are the last thing you put on to give you that holiday sparkle," said Birmingham stylist and fashion expert Darlene Real Higginbotham of Appearance Matters Inc. 

"Some of the hottest accessories this holiday season are rhinestone necklaces, scarves, belts, large stone bracelets, embellished headbands, chunky rings, pearls and fur wraps and vests," she said. 

"Preparation is everything. When we prepare, then, we feel much more confident."

And don't worry if you don't like black. Colors such as all gray, all brown or all winter white, are other options to consider as a clothing canvas before you accessorize.

Check out  Higginbotham's combinations in the photo gallery. The photos were taken at The Club and The Summit.


BUDGET Friendly Hints for Fall Shopping

1. ACCESS what you have FIRST”, Pull it all out.

2. Review BASICS that are warn out & need to be replaced?

3. MAKE A LIST of the Needs and New Trends you desire

4. SHOP for accessories at Junior stores, They are the first to wear Trends

5. WATCH DEPARTMENT STORES, they have 1 DAY sales 20 to 40% off

6. Do not X out BOUTQUES or smaller SPECIALITY STORES, they have DESIGNER STYLE and sales year round also.

7. SHOP CONSIGNMENT, They pay you for yours, you buy theirs.

8. Shop DISCOUNT STORES, be diligent, do not remove tags until you are sure you are going to keep the item, weather a day or a week.

9. MAKE TIME FOR THE REMIX, mixing your old with the new

10.Have a “CLOTHES SWAP” Party, with friends and family

11. MOST NEEDED, a sales person who knows their store and merchandise for your quick and easy shopping experience, and will call you for sales or new arrivals that they know fit within your budget and style.

Budget Friendly Hints for What to Buy, NOW

KEY pieces needed for this Fall are:

THE Scarf/Wrap warn in some of the new ways, needs to be approximately 6” longer that previous, Has to have THREE qualities, (1.) EASY to HANDEL (2.) EASY to WEAR, (3.) THREE WAYS to tie or drape it. Animal prints, Neon’s, small prints, and textured some ideas you can consider when buying.

THE NEW JACKET TREND or CLASSICS, Motorcycle, Long- Structured (Boyfriend jacket), Menswear, Trench, They are Leather, Long, Plaid. Colorful, FUN TO WEAR and Can be belted, worn over leggings, tights or wide or skinny leg pants or jeans, great with a pencil skirt. They can create a dressed up suit look or casual with boots, booties (ankle Boots) . Great wearable piece for fall and layering for winter.

THE JEANS, if you do not wear regular jeans, buy jean trousers (made like a pant in denim) They are more classic yet this years TREND, skinny jeans are # one right next to the boyfriend jean. Again, FUN TO WEAR, with boots, flats or heels. They are easy, however, not to wear to work in a professional environment.

The WHITE BLOUSE, long or short, ruffled or tailored

The BOOTS, and SHOES, platforms, lace-ups, riding, flat, and work boots


THE LONG CARDIGAN, in purple, red, black or gray

THE VEST, long sweater, menswear, leather, a plus in you wardrobe.

ACCESSORIES, bold necklaces, several bangles, pearls, bags that cross the body, have multiple straps, animal prints, bold colors. Belts: thin and large chain belts and wide animal leathers, great over long jackets and vest. Gloves add pop in animal print, red or purple.

Fashion I.Q.....12 Judgments

that others make within the

first 7 seconds of Meeting.

1. Educational Level

2. Competence

3. Religious Affiliation

4. Ethicity

5. Political Preferance

6. Gender identity

7. Social Status

8. Trustability

9. Financial Status

10. Personal Power

11. Personality



The 2 best accessories:

1. Confidence

2. Enthusiasm




Fall: What to Wear NOW!

Hot Jackets :

Military Jacket

Boyfriend Jacket

The Trench Coat/Mid thigh

The Ruffled leather or denim Jacket


Menswear vest

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